Wild writing at the 2014 NAWE conference

I’m off to the annual National Association of Writers in Education (NAWE) conference tomorrow. On Sunday, I’ll be co-running a workshop with Mac Dunlop.

For those who can’t make the session, or the conference, I thought I’d share the workbook I’ve created for it :
wild writes workshop handout (.pdf version).

Feel free to download and use/adapt the materials for your own creative writing or for running workshops! If you could acknowledge where you got it from that’d be appreciated.

If you want to know more about creative evaluation, or have any questions about session planning, please drop me an email – jennie[at]wildwrites.org.uk

Next Session – Saturday 10th August

Wild Writes! is a series of workshops for families during August. All sessions are run from Reddish Vale Country Park in association with the Friends of the Vale group.

Anyone can write, and using the natural space of Reddish Vale can inspire writing!

NEXT SESSION, Saturday 10th August meet in the Visitors’ Centre

1 – 2pm, nature walk, sound mapping, and poetry writing

2 – 3pm, short stories and flash fiction

Wild flower: bittersweet, woody nightshade. Rich purple and bright yellow, if this flower could speak what would it say?

Wild Writes! It starts here :-)

This August, at Reddish Vale Country Park, there will be a series of free writing workshops for young people and their families. Using nature to inspire writing, local writer Jen Ruth Bailey will lead 5 weekly workshops focussing on different ways of writing.

This blog will promote future sessions and showcase some work-in-progress.

For more information, please email jennie(at)wildwrites.org.uk

Bird's-foot trefoil and red clover, Greater Manchester