Day 20: tired tired tired #40daysto40

So, this blogging malarkey is going well then. . .

Today, ironically, I’m less tired and getting back into things a little. It’s halfway to my birthday and I still haven’t organised anything. (Not to do with not wanting to, just had a few other priorities to sort out as well as being so. damned. fatigued.)

I hate that tired feeling. Actually, no. I hate that tired feeling and then your brain kicks in with The Busy. You know The Busy? It’s that thing when all the thoughts you were either: a.) forgot about because life; b.) were saving for later; or c.) trying to ignore and then all those thoughts come out to play. (Usually when you want some sleep.) And then there’s that overwhelming feeling. The feeling like you’re trying to breathe normally in somewhere, say, like a supermarket, and suddenly being aware that you’re breathing, and oh my word breathing makes a sound, do I sound weird breathing, arrgh?!! Or it’s the feeling of being weirdly irritated and irritable. (I don’t smoke, but I imagine this is what it’s like if a nicotine hit is missing.)


As mentioned, I will be going back to fill in the blanks :-) Because it’s my blog, because I can, because there are so few eyes judging me (hello to the two readers who tuned in recently, thank you for popping by!). Upcoming are things like: baking keeps me sane, why I learned to knit, the greyness, rocks, failing, dancing along the fine line, travelling and other goodies.

Today I’m planning on beginning to (slowly!) sew some clothes for my new job. If I can, I’ll blog about the progress.

Day 18: fangirling and other tales #40daysto40

Today I went to “Hebden Rag”, a haberdashery and all things thread-based day organised by Hebden Bridge Women’s Institute.

I managed to buy some very lovely things including nearly 3 metres of high-quality black linen, pretty viscose, four skeins of fingering-weight yarn, books, a steamer (to dye yarn in) and some other bits and bobs. We also met Mr X Stitch briefly so I did have a small fangirl moment. (My heroes seem to be educators, creative types, artists, writers, and NHS staff!)

Signed by Mr X Stitch!

Signed by Mr X Stitch!

I moved to Todmorden over a year ago now and I’m still finding my feet a little. I’ve found that as I’m getting older it’s become harder to make friends. I have some wonderful people in my life who I do get to call friends so all’s good really. I do feel grateful and blessed to have met three wonderful women who live nearby.

Day 16: out of the woods into the woods #40daysto40

I recently finished another draft of my PhD thesis. I’m still very, very tired from it all which is why I’ve missed a couple of days. Today I caught up with a lovely friend for some lunch, a walk in the woods, and a sneaky gin.

IMG_20181004_153446 IMG_20181004_155954 IMG_20181004_154211 IMG_20181004_154128 IMG_20181004_154058 IMG_20181004_154048

So I’m (nearly) out of the metaphorical woods in terms of another hard thesis edit, but it was wonderful to get physically back into the real woods.

[I’ll go back and fill in the blank days later for sake of completion.]

Day 13: body says “no” #40daysto40

Having one of those weeks where your body just says no. Last week was punctuated by aura migraines – the shimmy, opaque trippy spiky eye illusions that they cause (I call them “disco hedgehogs”). And mild labyrinthitis-like dizzyness. (Since my first bout of labyrinthitis, accompanying an Oxford folk festival weekend (my timing is impeccable) this sicky-feeling dizziness now accompanies flu, blocked sinuses, and colds. Yay. At least I’ve never struggled with travel sickness and don’t throw up easily; I hear that if you have travel sickness then labyrinthitis can be so much worse.)

Today: painful period contractions (yep, went there) like a fist pulling downwards on my lower back. They’re rare, only every other month over the last decade, but these are the screaming ones. The I-can’t-quite-open-my-mouth-loud-enough-to-make-a-noise-that-befits-the-cramping. Then curl into a ball — a shape like a nautilus — tucked into myself. And then the big clots of blood.

If you’re reading this male. Lucky you.

I can’t really push myself as hard as I used to. Over the last month, I’ve pulled several writing all-nighters and, when I do get some sleep, afterwards — my word! — I feel as if I’ve been hit by multiple bricks. Sluggish and slow. When will I learn?

While I feel well, and relatively happy, I forget how frail and fleshy and easily broken we actually are.

I guess as I get older, there will be more aches and pains to come. And I’ll learn how to deal with it. At least, I hope I will.

Day 12: On honesty #40daysto40

You know those Instagram-perfect desk pictures. The ones with the iPad, almond-milk cloudy coffee in a gorgeous ceramic mug – possibly Denby or Anthropologie, a fountain pen, a Leuchtturm notebook with fancy calligraphy and Washi tape. Probably something seasonal too like some pine cones, cherry blossom, sunflower seeds, a novelty bauble, whatever. Artistically arranged on a tabletop of rustic wood or marble. Photographed from above with a mobile phone with excellent pixel potential or fancy DSLR camera. Well. Here’s some honesty heading at you.

This is how I write.

Photo of a messy desk with empty coffee mug and random ephemera

I call this art piece: ‘ephemera’

Taken with my mobile phone with nothing cropped or photoshopped (although I use GIMP). I’ve just scaled it from around 4,000 pixels to 800 by 600 so it will upload.

I cannot even claim that this is ‘organised chaos’. What you can’t see on the other side of my ancient, heat-guffing laptop is: a lamp, the other speaker, a used cotton “man-sized” handkerchief, a pile of dog-eared PhD thesis notes, a spool of Gütermann thread (colour = 890), and a tennis-ball sized stress ball in the shape of the earth.

(In defence of my own writing wankery. Yes, that IS a Leuchtturm notebook with my original #40daysto40 thoughts. I like the binding, nifty envelope at the back, and note paper; it’s more durable and leakproof than Moleskine paper. I normally use a fountain pen – the second cheapest Parker (the Urban) is the preference if you’re really interested – with refillable cartridges as I have some sort of weird belief that they’re more environmentally friendly.)

Honesty, dude, it’s the way forward.

As I’m getting older I care less what others think. I care more about being kind and honest.

(And with that in mind – I do have to admit that some of the Insta desks are very pretty in an impossibly aspirational kind of way. Sadly, it’s just not how my own entropic life works. Although I may go and try to find some pine cones later. To tell the weather with obviously!)

Day 11: I am not a poet #40daysto40

I have decided to break up with poetry. Oh, Poetry. It’s not you, it’s me.

Now, I’m not expecting a stampede. A chorus of ‘don’t do that’. I am just done with writing poetry and will be concentrating on other writing. At least over the next year or so anyway. I’m going to concentrate on writing other things like stories and non-fiction pieces. (I know that I’m excellent at describing things. Which is, to be frank, a useless skill. Unless I’m planning on moving into the catalogue industry.)

As Marianne Moore puts it in her poem ‘Poetry’:
‘Reading it, however, with a perfect contempt for it, one discovers that there is in /
it after all, a place for the genuine.’

So, I will still flirt with poetry. Trying to discover ‘the genuine’. I’ll metaphorically flutter my eyelashes at it, offer to buy it a drink. If it’s a fine piece of poetry then I’ll listen to the music of its words and allow myself to sink into it.

Loving poetry is a fine, and perfectly, acceptable practice.

But poetry writing – you and me are o.v.e.r. And don’t you dare give me a “booty call”. . .

Day 10: never turning back? #40daysto40

It doesn’t bother me that I’m getting older and I don’t mind talking about money (or, more often, the lack of it). This, I believe, is not culturally English. I’ve only lied my age before I was eighteen to get into nightclubs – and even then I wasn’t ID’ed until I was 26. I’ve been thinking about the idea of returning or looking back. Visiting places where I’ve lived, perhaps. Or considering Googling ex-partners to “see what they’re doing now and where they are”.

It is so tempting, so seductive. I think we mostly live in memory and through experience – even if there are plans made. I’m not sure whether we’re built to be “future” thinkers that can consistently live in the ‘then what’ rather than the now. (Not everyone, I recognise this is just conjecture.)

And then there are the roads not taken, the regrets, the choices we didn’t make, the things left unsaid or un-did.

And I know that there is no going back in my life to take back some of the crappy things I’ve said or done to others. That a “sorry” is neither desired or enough.

The past holding hands with the future.

And, in some respects, I’m nervous about the future. I’m nervous about the knackering impact that humans are having on this planet. I often find myself thinking about wildlife, in particular hedgehogs. Will we live to see the extinction of these mammals in England? And raptors – will we live to see an extinction declared on hen harriers in the next few years? I do hope not. I hope that the decline in other species can be slowed down, I do fear that it cannot.

And then I think of the human aspect again. I think of loss and the people that I would love to talk to again. To speak with. Some are dead, some are no longer in my life.

If someone asked me “what years would you ‘do again'” I have a vague idea, although they’d play out just the same into the years that I wouldn’t ‘do again’.

No returning.

Going forward.

Day 9: a good face for blogging #40daysto40

I’ve been blogging on and off since 2002 on various platforms. I started with a LiveJournal then moved on to Blogspot and then to WordPress. (I prefer the functionality of WordPress & its CMS more than Blogger/Blogspot.) When I plotted out this (over-ambitious) series of blog posts to mark the way to my fifth decade, I was originally going to vlog it.

I like vlogs and video-based podcasters. I’m not sure why. I find it somewhat soothing to have someone chat at me about various things. Last year, when ill and learning how to knit through YouTube videos, one vlogger (sorry, I can’t remember who – bad researcher!) recommended a list of crafting YouTubers (I’m old-fashioned; I still think that podcasting is more audio than visual). And so I stumbled upon the talented Katie Lavelli of the Inside Number 23 channel. (Do have a listen to her vocal videos as Katie has a stunning voice. Thank me later!). Katie did a series entitled 30 before 30 marking down the days to her 30th birthday. This has sort of inspired the 40 days to 40 blogging series. I don’t think that I’m ready to vlog. I’m nowhere near as organised, proficient or as well put together as Katie & her videos. For example, today I’m sporting slight brain fog and the glamourous puffy-faced, bags-under-the-eyes look. So writing it is!

Perhaps over the next few years I’ll attempt a more sustained vlog on the YouTube channel – I do have one but it’s incredibly sparse. (Even though I worry that I have nothing of interest to say or share.) If you’re reading this, what do you think? To YouTube or not, that is the question.

Day 8: write rewrite edit edit #40daysto40

Like many other writers, I write because I feel compelled to write. I’m one person in a larger herd of word nerds. I write to make sense of the world. To try to find, and write, the right words for the right moment. I can trace back my first attempt at fiction writing to something I wrote when I was about 9. It was an epic science fiction story about an alien who landed in the back garden of a young girl called Clare Anderson and it was up to her, and her parents, to help get the titular Poor Little Alien back to their spaceship and then home. (OK, it was the late 1980’s and E.T. had probably been a heavy influence.)

Over thirty years later I’m still making stuff up. Had a couple of rejections for work recently so I’m trying to lick my wounds and carry on. I’m also finishing off my PhD corrections (that includes critical and imaginative writing). It is the biggest piece of work I’ve done since my MA poetry portfolio between 2013/2014.
I’m still learning, and practising — if not making perfect — will make my writing better.

I have ideas for other pieces and, when my brain is less full, I’ll work on them. Until then, I have a load of other people’s novels, poetry, and short stories that have been piling up over the last four years and I can’t wait to go through them.

I hope that over the next forty years I’ll carry on being a writer (and still feel all right about determining myself as such) and bookworm.

Day 7: and the beat goes on #40daysto40

I realise that over the last few days I’ve been emphasising mental health – this time in September is always a little tricksy. I thought I’d share some thoughts on music. As a (sort of) ex-musician (I’m classically vocally trained and can play a couple of instruments, but I haven’t really done anything with it!), music keeps me going. I need music in my life. It helps my mood, it helps me work at different paces (thoughtful lyrics, twinkly solo piano pieces arpeggiac heavy for concentration, high energy house music to make me type faster), it can make me dance (stand back, folks, I still flail!). I still have singles, mix tapes, and albums on CD and cassettes (although no machine to play the latter on).

If I’m feeling like crap and need a boost then I stick this playlist on random:

It’s a mix tape from me to you – feel free to skip tracks as I add to this from time to time. I make no apologies for the addition of seriously cheesy pop. (I never said that I was cool!)

I wonder how we’ll be listening to music over the next forty years. . .