Hello, welcome to my blog!

Currently employed in three part-time/casual jobs! Blog updates will be sporadic until October 2020.

Hi there, nice to meet you! I’m Jen (also answerable to Jennie or Bee or ‘Oi, You’) a writer, crafter, and educator based in Calderdale, West Yorkshire. Welcome to my blog. Here you can expect to find creative writing, ponderings, attempts at learning new things, crafting, and photography. I love to find stories in all sorts of places – cities, towns, villages, muddy puddles, treetop dwellings, drifting on the waterways.

I’m Doctor Bailey in my professional life – and, as I have an Emergency First Aid at Work certificate, can give you CPR but I’m not a medical doc – and currently work as both a library assistant for my local council and am a research associate at Manchester Metropolitan University until October 2020. I am a specialist in creative writing practice and praxis, storytelling, folklore, and the literary geographies of Rochdale. You can read a little bit more about my PhD research here: WritingRochdale.wordpress.com. If you’re interested in my other academic research and work you can find that here: jenbee.me.uk. If you’re interested in my adventures as a library assistant, well, my friend, you can find me here: librariancrafting.wordpress.com.

I’m also a freelance writer-educator and facilitate writing sessions every few months with Touchstones Creative Writing Group in Rochdale (all welcome – once lockdown eases!). And run creative writing sessions for all ages and abilities in and around Greater Manchester and Calderdale. Contact me via my other website if you are interested in my professional writing and teaching services: www.jenbee.me.uk

This website used to be one project – wildlife inspired writing and workshops – but it’s changed quite a bit to personal reflections and creative writing experiments. (Although my favourite bit of feedback from when I ran outdoor family writing sessions is still this: “I liked writing stories because I want to be an author when I’m older”. Ace.)

For an even older trek down blogging memory lane, I used to blog here.

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