Day 20: tired tired tired #40daysto40

So, this blogging malarkey is going well then. . .

Today, ironically, I’m less tired and getting back into things a little. It’s halfway to my birthday and I still haven’t organised anything. (Not to do with not wanting to, just had a few other priorities to sort out as well as being so. damned. fatigued.)

I hate that tired feeling. Actually, no. I hate that tired feeling and then your brain kicks in with The Busy. You know The Busy? It’s that thing when all the thoughts you were either: a.) forgot about because life; b.) were saving for later; or c.) trying to ignore and then all those thoughts come out to play. (Usually when you want some sleep.) And then there’s that overwhelming feeling. The feeling like you’re trying to breathe normally in somewhere, say, like a supermarket, and suddenly being aware that you’re breathing, and oh my word breathing makes a sound, do I sound weird breathing, arrgh?!! Or it’s the feeling of being weirdly irritated and irritable. (I don’t smoke, but I imagine this is what it’s like if a nicotine hit is missing.)


As mentioned, I will be going back to fill in the blanks :-) Because it’s my blog, because I can, because there are so few eyes judging me (hello to the two readers who tuned in recently, thank you for popping by!). Upcoming are things like: baking keeps me sane, why I learned to knit, the greyness, rocks, failing, dancing along the fine line, travelling and other goodies.

Today I’m planning on beginning to (slowly!) sew some clothes for my new job. If I can, I’ll blog about the progress.