Day 9: a good face for blogging #40daysto40

I’ve been blogging on and off since 2002 on various platforms. I started with a LiveJournal then moved on to Blogspot and then to WordPress. (I prefer the functionality of WordPress & its CMS more than Blogger/Blogspot.) When I plotted out this (over-ambitious) series of blog posts to mark the way to my fifth decade, I was originally going to vlog it.

I like vlogs and video-based podcasters. I’m not sure why. I find it somewhat soothing to have someone chat at me about various things. Last year, when ill and learning how to knit through YouTube videos, one vlogger (sorry, I can’t remember who – bad researcher!) recommended a list of crafting YouTubers (I’m old-fashioned; I still think that podcasting is more audio than visual). And so I stumbled upon the talented Katie Lavelli of the Inside Number 23 channel. (Do have a listen to her vocal videos as Katie has a stunning voice. Thank me later!). Katie did a series entitled 30 before 30 marking down the days to her 30th birthday. This has sort of inspired the 40 days to 40 blogging series. I don’t think that I’m ready to vlog. I’m nowhere near as organised, proficient or as well put together as Katie & her videos. For example, today I’m sporting slight brain fog and the glamourous puffy-faced, bags-under-the-eyes look. So writing it is!

Perhaps over the next few years I’ll attempt a more sustained vlog on the YouTube channel – I do have one but it’s incredibly sparse. (Even though I worry that I have nothing of interest to say or share.) If you’re reading this, what do you think? To YouTube or not, that is the question.