Day 7: and the beat goes on #40daysto40

I realise that over the last few days I’ve been emphasising mental health – this time in September is always a little tricksy. I thought I’d share some thoughts on music. As a (sort of) ex-musician (I’m classically vocally trained and can play a couple of instruments, but I haven’t really done anything with it!), music keeps me going. I need music in my life. It helps my mood, it helps me work at different paces (thoughtful lyrics, twinkly solo piano pieces arpeggiac heavy for concentration, high energy house music to make me type faster), it can make me dance (stand back, folks, I still flail!). I still have singles, mix tapes, and albums on CD and cassettes (although no machine to play the latter on).

If I’m feeling like crap and need a boost then I stick this playlist on random:

It’s a mix tape from me to you – feel free to skip tracks as I add to this from time to time. I make no apologies for the addition of seriously cheesy pop. (I never said that I was cool!)

I wonder how we’ll be listening to music over the next forty years. . .